Pheddies – Dream Come True for Sole-Sisters

“So many shoes on offer and only two feet to wear them on!” One look through today’s featured collection and you’ll be thinking just that!

For sister sole-mates Radhika Kanakia Kapur & Anjali Kanakia, shoes are the perfect answer to any perfect outfit. With this ethos in mind, it did not take long for the duo to begin their own brand of women’s footwear called Pheddies. Having studied fashion in New York with work experience for Dior and Ralph Lauren, Radhika has constantly been on the move having lived in Kolkata, New York, Hong Kong and Mumbai. On the other hand, Anjani with a masters in Photography specializes in fashion photography and has shot for top designers, stylists and magazines.

The featured Pheddies collection – Fall/Winter 2015 – is a tale of a shoe collection inspired by the duo’s love for globetrotting and beautiful aesthetics. The collection is a mix of sophisticated, distinct, trendy and funky designs without compromising the value of comfort. Being a fresh, fashion forward brand, Pheddies draws inspiration through the designer duo’s exposure to different forms of international art, cinema, design and travel. The ideal Pheddies woman is one who is not only strong and creative but also very feminine.

In homage to their love for globetrotting, the shoes featured in the Pheddies lookbook are showcased in front of various sketched iconic structures around the world including the Pyramids of Gaza, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower and few others.

Don’t forget to check out the collection on their website and follow them on social media:

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


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