Dani Ortman – Bringing Precious Back To Cloth

First things first, here’s wishing a very Happy Diwali to all those celebrating. May this Festival of Light bring about joy, warmth, love and happiness into your lives!

Today’s Belleza Moda feature explores the craftwork behind the elegance of Dani Ortman Scarves. Enchanted by divine proportion and the study of how colour and pattern behave to both please and mystify the eye, Ortman uses the language of hand weaving to express visions of indescribable theories. Harmonious patters are intertwined with sustainable materials to craft textiles that can be treasured for a lifetime. With immensely acute attention placed on each individual thread, Dani seeks to produce a product unparalleled to anything made by machine.

Amidst the process, threads are thoughtfully arranged to coordinate with carefully chosen colours. Every piece is handwoven on a traditional floor loom and completed with a hand twisted fringe. His latest Fall/Winter 2015 Collection (displayed) features scarf collections crafted from fine silks, locally raised alpaca and organically grown Egyptian cotton. The collection also sees the introduction of colour grown organic cotton in shades from chocolate to cinnamon, from olive to forest and from vanilla to mauve.

Other colours uses are hand-dyed with plant based dyes or by synthetic dyes which meet organic standards. Every scarf is designed and then handwoven at Ortman’s personal studio located in Manitoulin Island. All pieces of the collection are suitable for men & women and are made in limited quantities. Collections are available online at www.daniortman.com.

Check out more from Dani Ortman by visiting his:

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest

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