Music You Ought To Know – Canadians At The Helm

If you have heard these featured songs, you know exactly why they’ve been talking points at some point or another in the past few months. If you have not heard these songs yet, you have come to the right place.

Either way, sit back and enjoy!

Drake – Hotline Bling

Source: Apple Music

Source: Apple Music

Watch the video here (due to Apple Music copyrights).

The hottest song of the summer now has one of the best music videos of the year to go along with it. While Toronto’s very own “6 God” released the song on July 31st as a one-off track alongside his first Meek Mill diss track “Charged Up”, the video premiered exactly a week ago on Apple Music and has been the talk of social media since. Directed by Director X, the video is inspired by the work of American artist James Turrell and sees Drake offer his finest dance moves whilst singing about an old flame from his hometown. The song reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 becoming Drake’s highest peaking single since his breakthrough hit “Best I Ever Had” in 2009. While the likes of Disclosure & Sam Smith have covered the song, countless parodies and memes have been created to the song right from Drake playing Wii Tennis to dancing the Merengue.

Hotline Bling further epitomizes just what a crazy year Drake is enjoying and it goes without saying but this won’t be the last we hear from the “6 God”.

Single Artwork. Source: iTunes

Single Artwork. Source: iTunes

Alessia Cara – Here

In spite of being released in late May, Alessia Cara’s “Here” calls for inclusion for several reasons. First, the song is bound to be ringing in your head long after you’ve heard it for the first time. Second, the video’s message is a homage to countless teenagers who have been in similar situations to Cara. Thirdly, Alessia Cara hails from Brampton, Ontario, Canada; Brampton. B-Town! Who better to pair Drake with than someone right from home? Of Italian descent, Cara attended Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Secondary School. The soulful 19-year-old claims that the song is about everyone who secretly hates parties. Directed by Aaron A, the video recreates a party where Cara endures a miserable experience as an “anti-social pessimist” with her being the only one moving while the party is frozen. While the video includes many people from the original party, Cara sings whilst girls and guys gossiping and drinking beer surround her. The song peaked at #23 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and has since been performed on The Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon. Meanwhile, her EP Four Pink Walls reached #11 on the Canadian Albums Chart.

Alessia Cara has come a long way from her YouTube days in Brampton but as evidenced by this video of celebrity impressions, Alessia Cara is one talented 19-year-old whose name ought to be remembered for years to come.

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