Movie Review: Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road came out earlier in the summer, and we’re going to do a review on it. Here’s what we thought about it:

First of all, I thought the performances of Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy as the characters Imperator Furiosa and Max respectively were simply brilliant. They had chemistry together as well as with the rest of the cast, and really brought the movie together. I loved their dynamic from enemies to reluctant allies and finally, to saving each other’s lives. The fact that it wasn’t treated like a normal blockbuster movie romantic subplot was very refreshing, and made sense in the larger picture.

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As much as I loved the two main characters, the supporting characters absolutely brought the universe alive through their multi-dimensioned personalities and different ideals. Nux, played by Nicholas Hoult captured hearts with his innocence and the girl gang Furiosa is trying to rescue is anything but weak.

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I think what really makes this movie a jem is that the main focus is not on Max. Sure, he is the title character, and yes he is the protagonist of the series, but the movie itself is about the women. Most of the characters are women and certainly the movie is made with these women in a positive light. Mad Max Fury Road is a movie made for female empowerment, and we can’t get enough of it.

From these girls saving themselves from opression to eventually overcoming tyranny in a post apocopyptic world, the movie’s thesis statement “We are not THINGS” is repeated over and over for all the world to see. And with all the backlash against feminism these days, it is a shining symbol of empowerment for all the women out there. All of this is just a small bit of what really makes this movie special, the rest you can decide when you go see it. And really, it is worth watching.


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