CULTURE: Hotel Unique

Hotel Unique lays in the middle of Brazil’s largest and most bustling city, Sao Paulo. The hotel itself was designed by renowned architect Ruy Ohtake and is hailed by Pulitzer-prize winning architecture critic Paul Goldberger as one of the “seven modern wonders of the world”. Hotel Unique has been named as possibly one of the most fashion driven five-star hotels and it attracts a sophisticated crowd of models, artists, musicians, and local celebrities.

Hotel Unique’s restaurant, the Skye Bar & Restuarant, features wonderful dishes from celebrity chef Emmanuel Bassoleil. Skye Bar & Restaurant also has an extraordinary 360 degree view of the city and a striking red pool with an underwater sound system. If you’re looking for a place that embodies the word luxury, Hotel Unique is the place.

Ruy Ohtake is responsible for Hotel Unique’s jaw-dropping exterior. The interior designer, Joao Armentano, created a minimalist chic and Zen décor that offsets the hotel’s mind-bending proportions. Landscaper Gilberto Elkis was able to bring a “jungle” into the hotel through his ingenuity and creativity. The French-Brazilian celebrity chef, Emmanuel, lures in a beautiful crowd everyday with his fusion cuisine.

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