BEAUTY: The Importance of Brush-Cleaning

Those of you that wear makeup everyday and use brushes to put it on, how often do you wash these brushes? Did you know that if you don’t wash your brushes, puffs, and other makeup utensils on the regular they can collect bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells? This can lead to blackheads, blemishes, and breakouts on your skin. Not only that, if you have extremely sensitive skin then it may cause even worse symptoms. All of the bacteria, excess dead skin cells, and old make-up on brushes could even dull down your complexion and make application more difficult for your makeup.

The general guidelines to how often you should be washing your makeup brushes is listed down below.

Zoeva's Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set.

Zoeva’s Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set.

Foundation Brush – Once a week

Powder & Bronzer Blushes – Once a week

Blush Brush – Once a week

Eyeshadow Brushes – Every 2/3 days

Eyeliner Brushes – After every application

The reason why eyeshadow and eyeliner brushes should be washed more often is because of how sensitive our eyes are. For example, in some cases if you even share eye makeup with your friends then you may get a sty. Always be extra careful when using makeup around your eyes!

How to Clean your Brushes?

There are a lot of different products out there on the market that you can use to clean your brushes. However, some of these products contain alcohol which can actually irritate your skin or hands if you use them! For those of you who prefer something a little gentler, try using some baby shampoo. Apply a little bit of shampoo onto the palm of your hand and lightly run the bristles of the brush back and forth along the product in your palm. Then, rinse the brush with the brush angled downwards. You want to make sure that you don’t let the water seep into the handle part of the brush too much or the glue holding the hairs together may start to dissolve.

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