CULTURE: Featuring Clinton Bakery in New York

Today’s Belleza Moda Food Feature is going to be on Clinton Street Baking Company in New York. This quaint, but homely bakery is located on 4 Clinton Street between East Houston and Stanton. Although the bakery seats only thirty-two people, it is still extremely comfortable, humble, and well worn. In the morning when you walk by the Clinton Street Baking Company, you’ll smell a waft of fresh blueberry muffins and rich, ground coffee. In the evening, the decadent smalls of buttermilk fried chicken and crisp waffles are smelled instead.

Clinton Street Bakery started as a small wholesale baking company with a storefront and a few loyal neighbourhood customers who linger over coffee and muffins. They sat over their laptop keyboards and tapped away for hours, stopping only to take a small sip of their coffee or a bite out of their muffin. But these days, Clinton Bakery is known as the baking company with the best pancakes of New York City. Chef Neil Kleinberg’s meals are often known to people as the best “comfort food” around. What Chef Kleinberg bases his menu on is classic American food with premium quality ingredients, locally sourced, and with lots of love (and butter).

Chef Neil Kleinberg was raised in a crazy kitchen in Flatbush, Brooklyn with 3 other siblings, 2 parents, 16 neighbourhood cousins, and 6 aunts and uncles. If that’s not the definition of a full house, then we’re not sure what is. At the tender age of 10, he became a one-boy culinary wonder who would do anything just to avoid eating his mother’s “famous” meal, chicken in a pot. With his seemingly natural-born expertise in cooking, he opened his first restaurant, Simon’s, in Lincoln Center at just 22. Then, in 1997, he re-opened the famous seafood restaurant Lundy’s.

If you’re not convinced of Chef Kleinberg’s culinary prowess just yet, there are also numerous awards that he has won for his dishes. He’s even appeared on Martha Stewart Living, The Today Show, Good Day New York, The Cooking Channel’s “United Tastes of America”, “Real Food” on PBS, and has gone head to head with Food Network’s Bobby Flay. He is the co-author of Lundy’s: Reminiscences and Recipes, as well as The Clinton St. Baking Co. Cookbook.

But don’t think that Neil is the one doing all the work. As co-owner of Clinton St. Baking Co., Dede Lahman has enjoyed a decade long career as an editor and writer for national magazines before switching to the restaurant life. Her cookbook was named a best of NY Times’ 2010. The pair met randomly as patrons at A Salt and Battery — a takeout fish and chips shop in Greenwich village. Ten months later, they were happily married with their “baby”.

For more information on Clinton St. Baking Co., make sure to visit their website and Facebook page linked below. Also, make sure to follow Belleza Moda Magazine on our social media accounts to keep up to date with our latest posts. Thanks for reading!

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