CULTURE: The Manta Resort in Zanzibar

The Manta Resort in Africa is the first resort in the continent to have an underwater hotel room. The resort is managed by swedish company Kwanini and owned by Resort Investor AB. The majority of Resort Investor AB’s locations are properties in and around the Indian Ocean.

Not only is this resort the first in Africa to have a room completely submerged underwater, Kwanini CSR Initiatives also place a great deal of importance on giving back to the locals around them. They aim to supply the local community with the tools needed to create their own future – whether it be shelter, food, education, or anything else. The program helps people educate the young and preserve the uniqueness of Pemba for many generations to come. Another one of the goals of Kwanini is to clear the ocean of any nasty starfish lurking about that prey on the coral and leave it dead to rot in the sea. This process disrupts the sea’s ecosystem and takes away one of the most important hiding places that fish have from predators. Kwanini has put in a huge effort in cleaning and ridding the sea of thorn starfish and there has been a huge drop in the population. The starfish are big, heavy, and venomous, so it requires a ton of effort and strength to remove them from the seabed.

What accommodations does The Manta Resort offer?

One of The Manta Resort’s special features is The Underwater Room. It is a private floating island with a bedroom that is four meters below the surface of the water. This private island is yours to enjoy and if you get tired of being ‘under the sea’, you can even go on top of your private floating island to sunbathe and stargaze. This room is offered at around $1500 per night and is fully inclusive which means breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, spa treatments, WiFi, and many more.


If you’re not a fan of being under the sea, there’s plenty of accommodations for you as well. The Seafront Villas are air-conditioned, spacious, and private. It includes a king size bed and a large en-suite bathroom. There is even a sun terrace that faces the ocean so you can see the magnificent ocean sunset. It is also fully inclusive meaning breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, spa treatments, WiFi, and more.


The Manta Resort also offers Superior Garden Rooms that have views of the sea between the foliage. Each pair of Superior Garden Rooms have an interconnecting door, making it an excellent choice if you’re coming to the resort with a family or a group of friends. The Garden Rooms are all air conditioned with a king size four poster bed and a private makuti thatch covered terrace. These rooms are also fully inclusive for your enjoyment.


For those who like living in simplicity, The Manta Room offers the standard garden rooms. They are open plan makuti thatched rooms that are situated in the gardens. They all feature a centered king bed covered by mosquito netting, an open plan en-suite bathroom, a comfortable verandah for you to relax. The rooms are not air-conditioned but they do have a fan available for use.


What activities can I enjoy at The Manta Resort?

There are an abundance of diving activities that you can enjoy while staying at The Manta Resort. There are even diving courses in case you’re a beginner to diving. If you would like to discover more of Pemba you can go on the tour of Spice Island. The tours range from local villagers to guided tours through the ancient Ngezi Forest.You can also go on picnic snorkeling trips down to the islands of Njao or Fundo. The fins, snorkels, and masks are included in the price. The snorkeling excursions are priced at around $60 USD/person. There are many more excursions you can partake in when you’re at The Manta Resort.

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