CULTURE: Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland

If you’re ever in Finland and need a place to stay, check out Hotel Kakslauttanen. This hotel is located in the popular tourist village of Saariselkä, Finland. Not only will you be able to partake in the many activities that the hotel has to offer, you are also able to view the Northern lights and the beautiful, clear starry sky from the comforts of your very own glass igloo. During the winter, the scenery that you’ll see will seem like it is straight from a fantasy fairytale where people live in glass homes and the sky is awash with bright, beautiful colours all the time. But not only that, the summer scenery is also breathtaking as well. If you’re taking your family for a family vacation, or your significant other for a romantic getaway, or even if you just need time away for yourself, definitely check into this hotel.

What sort of accommodations are they offering?
Well, for each glass igloo you’ll find your own toilet, beds for two people as well as an additional bed. Showers and saunas are also available in separate buildings so if you feel like meeting some new people on your fairytale trip to Finland’s Hotel Kakslauttanen, you can do that. The glass igloos are available around the third week of August and finish around the end of April. For Winter of 2014-2015 Kakslauttanen also offers new four-people igloos to accommodate larger families. These four-person igloos also include shower facilities right in the glass igloos.

Are there any other accommodations other than the glass igloos?

Hotel Kakslauttanen also offers log cabins for the perfect outdoorsy getaway. They offer cabins that are sized for one to ten people and are made of large kelo pine trees. In case you’re worried about saving the environment, Kakslauttanen only takes kelo pines that were dead and dried out instead of cutting down healthy trees. In each cabin you’ll be able to enjoy a warm and toasty fireplace as well as a sauna. They also offer four and six-person cabins that all have saunas. The six-people cabins have two separate bedrooms, each with their own private bathroom.

If you’re not a fan of the glass igloos or the log cabins, you can also opt for the snow igloos. These igloos are so thick that they shield from the harshest of winds and the faintest outside noise. Even if the temperature drops to minus 40 outside, the temperature inside is consistent at minus 3 to minus 6. The hotel will provide everything that you will need for a comfortable night in.

For those of you that plan on going to Kakslauttanen for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon there is a perfect suite for that as well. The Queen Suite is a 60 m squared log cabin made of kelo wood. It features a bath tub, sauna, and an outdoor jacuzzi for relaxing bathing.

There are still many different kind of accommodations that Kakslauttanen offers such as Gold Digger’s Cabins, Santa’s Home, Sivakka, the traditional house, as well as the wedding chamber.

What activities do they offer?

During the wintertime:

  • Husky safaris: Sled through the wilderness drawn by eager and friendly husky dogs. There’s 15 minute rides available up to a full-on overnight adventure.
  • Reindeer safaris: Chat with the locals while enjoying a relaxing trip into nature.
  • Snow mobile safari
  • Horse-riding and sleigh rides
  • Aurora hunting
  • Ice fishing
  • and many more

During the summer:

  • Gold panning: You can try your luck at the gold-panning site. If you’re lucky enough, you could pan enough gold to make a ring for your significant other and celebrate a summer wedding at Kakslauttanen.
  • Horse safari
  • Cruise on Lemmenjoki
  • and many more

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