CULTURE: Magic Mountain Lodge in Chile

Belleza Moda’s feature today is on the “magical” resort in Chile, Montana Magica Lodge. The key of this resort is how close to nature you’ll feel when staying overnight. Check out the pictures inserted below to know just how unique this resort is. It will seem like you’re living inside of a volcano or a mountain, and the fact that there’s a fountain at the top of the lodge just adds to how magical this place really is. During the winter, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported into hobbit town in Lord of the Rings, where all the homes are built into the hills with cute little windows poking out. If you’re looking for your own fairy-tale, definitely check out this lodge.

What features does the lodge offer?

  • An in-house restaurant
  • Kayaking on the river
  • Hiking through the magical forest
  • Volcano excursion
  • Rafting
  • XL Canopies
  • Trekking glacier
  • Archery
  • And many more

Before you book a room at this lodge, make sure that you call into the lodge and check what activities that they’re offering during this season. Also, due to weather restraints some of the activities may be closed for the day. However, even without the activities this place will still feel truly magical everywhere you go.

For more information on Montana Magica Lodge, make sure to visit their website here.

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