BEAUTY: Top Perfumes for SS 2015

It’s evident that Spring and Summer evokes different feelings than Winter and Fall, so it’s only natural that your perfume collection should change with the seasons. Even though there’s nothing wrong with reusing Fall/Winter scents, for those of you who want to show your “Spring and Summer” spirit, here are 5 perfumes that are perfect for Spring and Summer.

1. Aerin’s Rose de Grasse Lauder for women

Aerin Rose de Grasse

Available for $185 from

Rose de Grasse is a scent inspired by the rarest and most special of flowers, the rose. The scent features a soft blending of three of the most sought after rose ingredients  to form pure craftsmanship. However, if you’re worried about smelling like your grandmother, don’t worry. Instead of being overwhelming, it gives off a modern clean and lush scent. The top notes include watery scents and ambrette, with the middle notes consisting of Bulgarian and French rose, and the base notes with woody scents, amber, and musk. The scent is also very light so you won’t be overwhelmed or feel like you’re in a garden 24/7.

2. Aqva Divina Bvlgari for Women

Available for 60.00 euros for 40 ml or 150 euros for 100 ml. Both are available from

Available for 60.00 euros for 40 ml or 150 euros for 100 ml. Both are available from

Aqva Divina is the first feminine fragrance out of the Bvlgari Aqva collection. It came out in February 2015. The inspiration behind the scent is Botticelli’s painting, The Birth of Venus and the scent is said to be extremely bright and sensual. You can see the inspiration in the shape of the perfume bottle, especially with the shelled design. The top notes of the perfume include bergamot, salt, and ginger. The middle notes consist of magnolia and quince. The base notes are woody, amber, and beeswax.

3. Kate Spade’s Walk on Air

Available for $25.00 for the 0.34 OZ rollerball. Available from

Available for $25.00 for the 0.34 OZ rollerball. Available from

Walk on Air is a new recently released fragrance from Kate Spade. The perfume was released in March 2015 and the inspiration behind it was the chic and feminine side of New York City. It is a relaxed, casual, and suitable for everyday kind of perfume. The top notes include lime, bergamot, fern, neroli, and solomon’s seal. The middle notes include lily of the valley, magnolia, narcissus, and Egyptian jasmine. The base notes are white iris, violet leaf, and crinum lily. Many wearers have described it as a very light and fresh scent. If you’re looking for a fragrance that is somewhat similar to “Walk on Air”, make sure to check out DKNY’s Be Delicious.

4. La Panthere Cartier for Women

Available for $124.00 CAD for a 1.6oz size from

Available for $124.00 CAD for a 1.6oz size from

La Panthere is a new fragrance for women from the fashion powerhouse, Cartier. It launched in March of 2014 and the main inspiration behind this perfume is the symbol of the brand, the panther. The story behind this is that Cartier’s lover and muse, Jeanne Toussaint, was nicknamed La Panthere. The fragrance is sensual and bold and was created by Mathilde Laurent. The top notes of the perfume include rhubarb, strawberry, and dried fruits. The middle note consists only of gardenia. Then, the perfume’s base notes consist of musk, oakmoss, patchouli, and leather. If you’re looking for a very strong, captivating scent, this is your perfume.

5. Chance Eau Vive by Chanel

Photo retrieved from

Photo retrieved from

Although it’s kind of tedious to list a perfume that isn’t released on the market yet, Belleza Moda has high hopes for this. The release date is set for June 12. It is said to be a beautiful blend of sparkling grapefruit, juicy red orange, and elegant jasmine. The base notes of the perfume will  include vetiver and white musk. The scent itself will leave a fresh, gentle, elegant, and subtle trail.

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