FASHION: Featuring 3.Paradis

At the most recent Toronto Fashion Week presented by Mastercard, innovative and eye-catching designs were

shown. Today, our Fashion Feature post is going to be based on the ingenuity that is 3.Paradis, founded by Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung. The main goal of the two is to promote global awareness and to provide a voice to the youth of this generation through clothing. 3.Paradis is known for their “street visionary” style which Belleza Moda will be showcasing further down in this post.

Emeric hails from Paris, France while Raymond is from Hong Kong, China. The pair met while studying at ESMM and Lasalle Fashion School in 2014. Prior to this, the pair took a trip around Europe and was hugely inspired by the street fashion that was rampant in the vibrant locations. They draw upon the inspirations that surounded the two as children in Hong Kong and Paris. With the ingenuity of the two men together, there is no doubt that this line is going to be a major player in the future.

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Official Website:

Official Instagram:


3.Paradis’ Official Website:


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