TECHNOLOGY: Featuring the Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Today’s post is on an exciting new piece of technology, the Livescribe Echo Smartpen. This pen allows you to record audio while you’re taking notes, a hugely important feature for students and business professionals. If you’re an auditory learner, then you should think about checking out this pen because this just might be the answer to all of your problems studying.

Some features of the Echo Smartpen is that you’re able to share interactive notes to your computer, iPad, or iPhone so no need to worry about just being able to play it on the smartpen. It’s also extremely easy to charge via a micro-USB cord so you don’t have to worry about getting a specific type of charger for this pen. Not only that, the pen can hold up to 800 hours of recorded audio and includes a display that allows you to navigate different smartpen apps.


  • Micro-USB Connector
  • Microphone
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • OLED Display (High contrast)
  • Audio jack (for earphones)
  • Replaceable Ink Tip
  • Memory Storage
  • Price starts at $119.95

Although this pen seems like an amazing new piece of technology, there are definitely some aspects that we think could be improved on. The major one is the price point. It’s hard to find a $120 price point feasible for the average student, even if the pen itself is extremely useful in note-taking. Echo Smartpen’s market could be opened up to thousands more people by lowering the price point.

However, if any of our readers want to check out the Livescribe Echo Smartpen for yourselves, make sure to go to this link here.

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