BEAUTY: Powder Before Foundation?

Have any of you guys ever really thought about the steps to your makeup routine? For me, it’s moisturizer, BB cream, highlighting powder, filling in the eyebrows, eye makeup, blush, and then lips. However, Wayne Goss has come out with a new makeup application method that has taken the makeup world by storm. For those of you that don’t know, it’s the powder before foundation method. In his video, Goss explains that the reason why this works is because the powder is laying a foundation and absorbing any extra shine to your face before you apply the actual foundation. The end result is intended to be a beautiful, dewy finish. To check out the video, follow the link below.

Try out the method for yourselves There have been mixed reviews on it with people saying that it just makes their foundation look too caked on, but everyone’s skin is different! Make sure to send in your photos to Belleza Moda when you try out the method.

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One thought on “BEAUTY: Powder Before Foundation?

  1. I might have to try Wayne’s method again during the warmer months! When I first tried it I got the cakey look, haha. Have you heard about the “buffing everything with a ton of powder at the very end of your makeup routine” technique that he’s talked about recently? I need to try it! 😊


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