TECHNOLOGY: Samsung & LG’s Technology for Flexible Phones

Have you ever wished that your phone was smaller just so it wouldn’t take up as much room in your bag? Or that your phone was less stiff so you could put it in your pocket without something huge protruding out, seeming like it’s about to make the seams burst? Well, Samsung and LG, South Korean technology giants, are working on a solution for this exact problem as you’re reading this. It is rumoured that the first prototype for the flexible phones will come out in late 2015, with consumer models being available on the mass market shortly after that. However, the South Korean technology giants aren’t planning on stopping there. They want to create other flexible devices as well. Think of how much more space you would save if your phone or iPad could just fold in half sometimes. Not only that, the devices would be much more durable as well.

Currently, smartphone designs only improve inch by inch every year. Although it’s clear that most people are satisfied with this, think of how many people would be astounded if Samsung suddenly released such an innovative new technology onto the smartphone market? However, with a flexible phone there also comes many negatives to it as well. In the future, Samsung and LG may have mastered the technology regarding flexible phones, but they will have to continue on to create flexible batteries, etc.The sheer amount of investment that it would take for the technology giants to put this into action would be astounding. Another question that lies is if consumers will even be interested in the technology.

What do you think? Would you buy a flexible phone?

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