BEAUTY: 5 Interesting Uses of Coconut Oil

Have you ever seen someone take out a tub of coconut oil, open it up, and start rubbing it on their body? It could have been a family member, a friend, or a complete random stranger that you’ve never met before. At that time, did you think to yourself, “they’re absolutely insane”? Well, after reading this article you might realize that the beneficial properties of coconut oil might not be so insane after all.

1. Cooking

If you want the perfect sweet luxurious flavour in your food, make sure to try cooking with coconut oil. It works great as cooking oil and has a high smoke point. You can even use it as a dairy-free replacement for butter.

2. Lotion

For those who don’t know, coconut oil is extremely effective as an overall body lotion. It leaves the skin feeling supple, smooth, and baby-butt soft. Along with this, it’s a natural body lotion and you don’t have to worry about any additional harsh preservatives in your lotion potentially causing damage to your skin over time. The coconut oil also leaves a sweet, light scent on your skin that will have you sniffing your own arm the entire day.

3. Hair oil

If you have any friends that have preached to you about using coconut oil in your hair, you should listen to them. You’ll only know how big of a difference it makes in your hair after you use it. It leaves your hair feelings silky smooth and if you had frizzy hair before, it smooths down your fly-aways while leaving your hair soft to the touch. Try it, you can thank us later.

4. Makeup remover

Use a small amount of coconut oil, dab it onto a cotton pad, and swipe it gently over your eyes and face to remove your makeup in a quick and easy step. The oil doesn’t leave a greasy feeling like olive oil either. It absorbs into your skin nicely and gives your face a soft touch.

5. Chapstick

Use coconut oil as a natural chapstick by rubbing a small bead sized amount on your lips. Coconut oil is generally made to be ingested, so don’t be scared if you accidentally ingest this natural chapstick. The scent will make you want to lick your lips all day long as well.


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