BEAUTY: Featuring hairstylist Dilshad Pastakia

Today’s feature is an exciting inside look on hairstylist Dilshad Pastakia. For twenty-five years, Dilshad has worked with renowned celebrity clients such as Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Rani Mukherjee, and many more. Her current clients, Shahrukh Khan and Shahid Kapur, have remained extremely loyal to their hairstylist Dilshad and highly recommend her.

Recently, in 2012, Dilshad Pastakia decided to move to Vancouver, British Columbia in order to pursue a different clientele base and provide a better life for her children (ages 5 and 8). She believes that the difference in working in Vancouver is that the clientele base is varied and so her work is more creative and challenging.

In terms of expertise and recognition, Dilshad is not lacking in this department either. In December of 2013, Times of India group approached her to be in charge of the entire hair/makeup and styling for the Times of India Fashion Awards. She was solely responsible for this three day event with a team of 51 hair and makeup artists to do 118 dangers, 10 actors, and 40 nominees. This is a true testament to how amazing Dilshad is.


To learn more about Dilshad Pastakia, make sure to check out and follow us for more features in the future.


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