RECOMMENDATIONS: The Top Apps for your Phone

1. Dropbox


Dropbox is incredibly functional for any device that allows applications. It allows you to drag and drop files into a folder on your PC and then syncs them so that you can access them from any device that also has dropbox. This application is reminiscent of a more useful USB stick, but one you don’t have to carry around everywhere and be scared of losing.

2. Instagram

instagram logo

Instagram is a picture sharing application where you can follow individuals from around the world and keep up to date with what they are doing at the moment. It allows you to snap a photo, import a photo, add a filter, and share it across social media networks or on the app to show to your friends and family.

3. Whatsapp


Whatsapp allows individuals to group message or private message without needing the texting application on phones. It also allows you to send photos and videos via a simple interface. This is perfect for individuals who need to speak to people but can’t because their service provider charges additional fees for text messages.

4. Cam Scanner


Cam Scanner is an iPhone and Android application that turns your smartphone into a portable scanner. It utilizes the camera feature on your smartphone to take a snapshot of the document in, then uses additional options like image adjustments, multi-page PDF conversions, document sharing, and cloud storage integration. This application is perfect for school or even in the workplace to share files easily among your peers.

5. Runkeeper


Runkeeper is an application that does exactly what the name of the app says – it tracks your walking or running speed. This application is especially helpful for those people out there who are looking to get into being more active and fit, or are already very active. You can also chart your routes and follow training plans and workouts. Definitely give this application a try if you’re looking to keep up with those weight loss and getting fit New Years Resolutions.

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