FASHION: Featuring Designer Surbhi Shekhar

Today’s post is a feature on the designer Surbhi Shekhar. We, at Belleza Moda Magazine, have brought an exclusive interview to our readers.

Surbhi Shekhar is a graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technologyin Bangalore. She has worked with many different designers of great standing before starting her own label, SURBHI*SHEKHAR almost a year back. Her main office location is in New Delhi, but her fashion pieces have been gaining more popularity throughout the world. Many of her designs incorporate her love of culture, music, art, and vintage fashions. This allows her to incorporate her own edge into the clothing pieces and keep up to date with the latest trends.

Check out some of Surhi’s pieces below.


To check out more of Surbhi Shekhar’s work, make sure to visit Surbhi Shekhar Clothing on Facebook and follow Belleza Moda Magazine on our social media!


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