CULTURE: Featuring The Sassy Spoon Restaurant in Mumbai

Today’s feature is going to be on the The Sassy Spoon restaurant located in Mumbai, India. In 2014, The Sassy Spoon received an award from Time Out for being India’s best independent restaurant. From savoury soups to indulgent desserts, everyone will find something they absolutely love on the menu.

With two fantastic chefs and a expert team, The Sassy Spoon is one of India’s finest restaurants. Head Chefs Irfan Pabaney and Rachel Goenka have teamed up and created a menu full of amazing items. Irfan Pabaney has twenty years of experience and has worked at extremely notable restaurants in the past including;  Under the Over, Seijo and the Soul Dish, Indigo and Hakkasan. Rachel Goenka has studied under celebrity chef Rachel Allen at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland, and then went on to study patisserie in Le Cordon Blue in London.

Belleza Moda has a few words for you from head chef Irfan Pabaney.

So here goes…

The sassy spoon was started by me and my business partner Rachel Goenka. The restaurant opened on the 1st of February, 2013, so we’re just over a year old.

A lot has changed since we started out. ‘Evolve’ is the right word. winning the best independent restaurant at the timeout food awards earlier this year was a big achievement and a testament to the fact that our food was being appreciated and recognized.

You’ll notice from our menu that it is very eclectic.

Our whole premise from the beginning was to cook what we love, and cook what tastes good. If it’s ‘yummy’, we serve it.

So for us, food is everything. i think what makes us tick is our respect for food….taste, texture….. the thing is not to over complicate things, keep it simple.

We decide on our recipes ‘because they work’, not for the sake of it.

As far as food standards are concerned, we are uncompromising. my vendors actually call me up and apologize for not supplying something, specially meats and vegetables, they’d rather not supply something instead of having me reject it.

it’s a lot easier to satisfy the non vegetarians, vegetarian food is always challenge.

Having said that, some of our signature dishes are vegetarian!

We have different menus for lunch and for dinner.

The must tries here are the ‘spaghetti with the lemon beurre noisette’, the ‘warm lemony couscous with prawns and squid’ or the vegetarian version with extra vegetables, the ‘banana leaf steamed fish with coconut rice,’ which incidentally isn’t printed on our menu but is our best seller.

the ‘caramel peanut tart with salted caramel ice cream’, the ‘sassy stacks’, which is a red velvet with cream cheese served with a cappuccino foam, our tiramisu made with our homemade mascarpone are some of the must try desserts.

Warm regards,

Irfan Pabaney

Chef & Director

We, at Belleza Moda, have included some photos of the menu items for our readers!

These are Chef Rachel's famous red velvet "sassy stacks"

These are Chef Rachel’s famous red velvet “sassy stacks”

The mouth-watering "Mustard Chicken" from The Sassy Spoon.

The mouth-watering “Mustard Chicken” from The Sassy Spoon.

Here is The Sassy Spoon's "Flat-bread of the Day"

Here is The Sassy Spoon’s “Flat-bread of the Day”

Here is The Sassy Spoon's "Roasted Red Grape Open Faced Sandwich"

Here is The Sassy Spoon’s “Roasted Red Grape Open Faced Sandwich”

Here is the Sassy Spoon's "Coffee Pepper Crusted Steak"

Here is the Sassy Spoon’s “Coffee Pepper Crusted Steak”

Here is the Sassy Spoon's "Beetroot and Feta Keftedes"

Here is the Sassy Spoon’s “Beetroot and Feta Keftedes”

If you want to learn more about The Sassy Spoon, make sure to check out their website at, and follow us on our social media for more features.


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