CULTURE: Featuring Cafe Luxembourg in Amsterdam

Today’s feature is on the unique and beautifully deisgned Cafe Luxembourg.

The eloquent Café Luxembourg has been a classic for almost 25 years.

At the end of the eighties when Luxembourg openened, the Grand Café instantaneously became one of the few renowned venues in Amsterdam.

The whole city, and also its many visitors, know Luxembourg, either through one of the many guides that have it labeled as a “must see” or by stumbling upon it. Luxemboug is a stylish oasis at one of the busiest spots of the city. The unique parisian terrace makes people-watching almost an understatement.

The Brasserie, serving a stylish breakfast, lunch, and dinner is also a stronghold for simplicity and tradition. Have an afternoon beer here, enjoy the world famous prawn croquettes, or the (officially) best veal “bitterballs” of the city.

Top quality is a key aspect at Luxembourg, the well maintained interior has remained the same as 25 years ago. The service is absolutely impeccable as is the bread, smoked salmon, cheeses, broths, meats, and wines. A broad selection of international newspapers shows respect for all visitors.

So next time you’re in Amsterdam, make sure to check out this world-renowned cafe and enjoy their deilcious cuisine.

To learn more about Cafe Luxembourg make sure to check out their website,, and make sure to follow Belleza Moda Magazine for more features in the future.


Here are some reviews of Cafe Luxembourg:

A warm welcome to everyone!
“One of the world’s great café’s”
(New York Times)

“Un grand café brun par excellence”
(Le Figaro)

“Spacious, elegant and unhurried”
(The independant)

“Ein angenehmer platz um mal pause zu machen”
(Essen und Trinken)
Martin van Dongen


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