FASHION: Men are the Fashion Street

Deep v-neck tees Deep v-neck tees02 Floral Mens Prints Shirt polka dots for men polka dots for men02 Z Zegna - Runway - Spring 09 MBFW

By: Asad Ali Khan

Who said that men are not conscious in wearing and selecting their clothing? There is a huge market of menswear in the world. It change with time and the trends change according to personal choice.

Floral print was a huge breakthrough this season. This trend has made a huge change in menswear. We now see the emergence of floral shirts, coats, and other floral articles of clothing. It has been seen in many of the leading international fashion weeks that floral prints made the space in the menswear clothing.

When we talk about the spring summer collections it’s the time to change our mindset on the preexisting popular colours and patterns. A love for red has always been here in trend. Red is, once again, very popular for menswear in the Spring/Summer season coming up.

Black formal suits are always hot and in demand. Most of the leading fashion designers are making the collections in this color. It has been seen in many of the fashion show that black suits are extremely in demand.

Yes, men can look stunning in shorts. This season, shorts that are under the knee are the most popular style for men.

Colorful pants are another trend that make people excited. Many men are starting to wear colourful pants in all different colours such as maroon, yellow, green, and blue.

Narrow bottom jeans and the dress pants are the choice of every man in this session , it gives the most elegant look to a man figure. People from different walks of life tend to wear the narrow bottom pants.

Another huge trend for the upcoming Spring/Summer season are polka-dot shirts. With the eye-catching pattern, you will easily be the center of attention, and in a good way as well.

Deep v-neck tees are always a super fashion trend in the menswear.


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