MUSIC: Feature on Nasir Anis (NAS)


The Spellz is the artistic name of a Toronto based Canadian artist Nas. Born in Pakistan and growing up in Canada, The Spellz has a strong vision to be the very first international artist to attract, inspire and entertain English speaking population and South Asians through strong inspirational and motivational messages put into music. Due to inherent talents of being able to compose and write music naturally in both Western Rock and Eastern melodies, The Spellz is a true reflection of the cultural diversity of Canada.

My own quote: “I don’t make music. Music makes me.”

Choosing this industry for your career, was it always what you wanted?

Making music is my true passion that only became stronger over period of time. Love for music and writing compositions went from “I love it“ to “I cannot live without it“. It has now become a very spiritual and peaceful experience and it is reflective in my music.

Whats your mantra for success?

Staying humble, staying connected to soul and letting melody flow into your heart.

What made you get into your field, was it easy and troubles?

The fact that I cannot live without making music is what made me get into this field. It has been a long journey with a lot of hardships starting from picking up guitar after 8 long years, taking vocal classes, learning composition and production, sacrificing time with family, learning arts of a new trade etc. On this journey I fell, bled and felt like quitting many times but every day I kept asking myself if these hardships are more painful than the pain of not doing music at all. So, I got up each time and kept coming back harder with more power, conviction and self-belief. And the test continues.

Your favourite apps and gadgets and what do you recommend?

Not a gadget person. I love and support technology but I enjoy real human interactions more.

It’s said that life impacts music and lyrics .. is it true for you? 

Absolutely. Every song that I make stems from strong inspirational poetry going from Master of my Fate (William Ernest) to Bara Ishq (Waris Shah). The lyrics mean something to me on a personal level. When I compose, I try to put myself in the shoes of the lyricist and try to capture the exact emotions. For example, Master of my fate has three unique melodies in the song reflecting three stages of the life of poet William Ernest who had his legs amputated at age of 16. The stages for him were realization of pain, retaliation to living in a sorrow state for rest of life and standing up on feet to become what you always dreamt of. These are the same stages that I have gone through during my own journey as an artist. So for me, it is all in the words and how it is shaping my own believes and life.

Fun for you is?

Making music, playing tennis (which sadly I am not getting much time these days), watching movies while eating popcorn and inspiring people to do good and reach their dreams.

Your favourite artist ?

Western Music: Guns and Roses, U2, Metallica

Eastern Music: Nusrat Fateh, Abida Perveen, Junoon, AR Rahman

Your dream project artists?

To write one original song with a combination of Abida Perveen, Slash and myself

Your upcoming projects?

Bara Ishq written by Waris Shah. Very melodic. Sweet and powerful at the same time.

Life is Fine written by Langston Hughes. Blues rock with a lot of emotions and depth

You made the mark starting .. a snapshot of the video..

What is the notion of your work – specially your lyrics ( are they themed on something specific)

Yes they are all themed works of art.

Master of my fate is about motivating yourself to reach your dreams

Bara Ishq is about understanding the depth and definition of love

Life is Fine is about finding hope and happiness even during dark periods of life

All of them very deep messages.

Your favourite videos – of your own work?

Still to shoot it. It`s still in my heart.

You would recommend viewers which one of your video if you have to?

There is only one released so far i.e. Master of my Fate.

Bara Ishq is already shot and I haven’t seen the footage as yet. So I hope it will be even better than Master of my fate.

A message to readers with your favourite shayari or lyrics …


I am the master of my fate

I am the captain of my soul

By William Ernest


Tenu mitti which na rol dewe

Do Piar de bol, bol tey sai

Teri husdi ankh wi pijh jaway

Kadi saannuu anderon phol  tey sai

Bara ishq ishq tu kerna aye

Kadi ishq da gunjal khol te sahi

By Waris Shah


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