LIFESTYLE: Feature on photographer, Rohan Shrestha


Drawing on a legacy from his father Rakesh Shrestha’s passion for photography was fueled at a very young age.

His journey began when he was very young, being the son of a very famous photographer helped, him getting encouraged. He was surrounded by cameras ever since he can remember and that’s all he grew up with .

He had more toys than cameras when he was a kid. Although he was never sure whether he wanted to take up photography professionally, because living up to my fathers name would be a tough act to follow.

He began at 19 with a Nikon cool pix point and shoot camera, walking along the streets of New York. From there he realized that he’ d like to give it a shot *No pun intended*.

In 2004 he decided to start working with his father as an assistant and he also dabbled in a lot of travel photography at the same time.

He remained as an assistant for five years not only with his father, but also with other various types of photographers from the fields of fashion, to celebrity, to travel, to product. He decided to try my hand at everything and learn as much as he could , to see what he  liked doing eventually.

His first official shoot was the 22nd of May 2009, for L’Officiel India. He can never forget how nervous he was for that shoot, shooting with Jyothsna Chakravarti, who was a really famous model.

Luckily for me that shoot went off really well and he began my journey as a fashion photographer.

A year later a man named Jitesh Pillai, put his faith in a young 25 year old photographer and had him shoot the cover of Filmfare with Ranbir Kapoor. That propelled him into working with the Indian film industry. Since then there’s been no looking back.

In 2013 he attended the film making course at the New York Film Academy, so as to begin working on fashion films.

In April 2014 he decided to expand my photographic skills and studied under water photography in Indonesia.


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