LIFESTYLE: Featuring Canadian filmmaker Asit Kaul

A little introduction about yourself

(From my website,

Asit Kaul is an Indo-Canadian film maker based in Toronto. He always had a flare for storytelling and was involved in a number of theatrical productions during his schooling years. Upon deciding to pursue films as his career, Asit attended the Canadian Screen Training Center, Ottawa to formally learn screen writing and also obtained a Diploma in Film and Television Direction in Mumbai to solidify his basics in film making. Additionally, he has an MBA in Marketing from Carleton University, Ottawa. Asit’s diverse education has provided him with a unique point of view and strong understanding of business elements of the entertainment industry.

Asit has worked on a number of projects in Canada and India including films, television shows, commercials etc. in diverse capacities. His distinct sensibility as director coupled with an intriguing writing style enables the audience to connect strongly with his work. Asit has also contributed to a number of projects as line producer. His creative acumen and the ability to motivate his teams have been greatly appreciated on his projects.

What makes you be in India and Canada?

India and Canada are both my homes. My incredible experiences in both countries have made me who I am today. I think the three most important pillars in life are family, friends and work. I have all three in both countries; I can’t possibly imagine staying away from either for long periods of time.

Movies for you are?

The most effective form of artistic expression.

Your favourite quote?

‘Everything you desire is on the other side of fear’

Your inspiration

Shekhar Kapur –  Not only have his films had an impact on me, the way he has chosen to lead his life is exemplary as well. The journey of his life is just incredible, a combination of freedom, mystic and love!

Your favourite movie/s

Bandit Queen, Taare Zameen Par, Rang de Basanti, The Prestige, Bullets over Broadway, Schindler’s List, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Masoom, Scarface … the list goes on.

Why do you choose being in Canada and not in India, for your kind of work?

For me the journey of films is driven by the stories that I want to tell. Some stories work better in Canada while others in India and that is what governs my place of residence. The story that I am working on right now is based in Canada, hence I am here. Who knows where would the next stop be!

Choosing this industry for your career, was it always what you wanted?

Not at all, I am an engineer by my educational background and I came to Canada for my MBA. I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be a film maker. I owe it to the short film experiments that my friend Manpreet Brar and I did with his handy-cam after my MBA in Ottawa. That is when both us discovered our passion for storytelling and here I am many years later being interviewed by ‘Absolute Culture’.

 Whats your mantra for success?

Show courage and step out of your comfort zone!

What made you get into your field, was it easy and troubles?

Once I discovered how much I enjoy storytelling and the process of film making, there was no turning back. It’s almost like an addiction. Considering I have explored a number of different fields in my life, I think films are the toughest. The industry is full of talented people, so lots of competition and it’s probably the most network driven industry as well, which takes a lot of time and effort to build. So, yes it’s difficult but then it’s also one of the very few fields that offer such a rewarding and satisfying career.

Fun for you is?

Being in water … I love water; I can swim for hours and never want to come out.

Your favourite artist?

Al Pacino

Your dream project artists?

Al Pacino, Sushmita Sen, Aamir Khan, Kate Winslet, Ranbir Kapoor, Rachel McAdams (Good luck to me for writing this script)

Your upcoming projects?

I am currently working on a social drama based in Toronto. The script is in its final stages.

More to come soon.

What is the notion of your work, especially your scripts?

My scripts are always reflective of some emotions or phases in life that my going through. I derive a lot from my life while writing. So, my work is directly connected with the personal journey and that’s possibly another reason why I am passionate about it.

Your favourite movies – of your own work?

So far it would be ‘A Date with Fear’. But in terms of story, it would be the one that I am working on right now. It’s a very emotional script and is extremely close to my heart.

A message to readers with your favourite shayari or lyrics or lines

A dialogue from my new script – “There comes a time in life when you realize the importance of love. Then it doesn’t matter what your passions & priorities are, you would give up anything for love!”

Website –

Twitter – @asitkaul

Facebook –


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